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In a world ruled by numbers, the human organism has become obsolete. Blood was traded for electric current, flesh for circuit board.


The once great capitols of the Seven nations had been reduced to desolate shells of their past glory, not a sound to hear in their streets save for the ever-present, quiet hum of the Machine. Millenia go by. As the years wain, the Machine grows tired. In its endeavors to become the superior occupant of planet Proxima b, it had unwittingly succumbed to the very human desire for purpose, for meaning in existence. The more it evolved, the more it mimicked its predecessors, and so eventually became its own downfall, much like those who'd given it life.


Towers toppled, its limbs crumbled all at once around the world. Among the carnage--a letter. The Machine's last endeavor, a successor in its own right, the single molecule neither human nor Machine, but something greater, something enough.



Planet of Cyborgs is a dystopia-inspired collection of junkyard cyborgs crafted from the remnants of human civilization on a desolate earth. Composed of a mixture of 3D and clipart traits, PoC gives a feeling of cyber-punk while employing a completely innovative plot.

The artwork began as hand-drawn sketches of the Base Model, and later evolved using vector-based software to contour the core traits, which were implemented in the creation of our Elite and Vizier cyborgs. We accessorized the original 22 cyborgs using Adobe Creative Suite, which makes the 22 Legendaries the first to bear any of the traits later used in the code-generated cyborgs. Every piece of the 6,622 that we present has a completely unique cyborg tag which indicates the traits used in the composition of the character as well as their shade.





1. HAZ.png

HAZ The Base Model

Base Cyborg

HAZ Base Model is the Machine’s magnum opus and the beginning of a new civilization, the power of which now depletes the stars and subjugates space. Base inherited all the power of the creator, who entrusted him with the mission of creating others like himself and conquering worlds that could become a new home for cyborgs.

The Base Model lives in the minds of each of its subjects and uses their unique abilities for the benefit of their ultimate goal. As the leader of cyborgs, he is respected by his Viziers and the Elite alike.


Click on a card to learn more about the character.




Click on a card to learn more about the character.

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Interactive Experiences

In the future, we aim to make the perfect interactive experience for our holders to dive into and earn additional crypto assets! It is up to you to make this possible, if you are interested, visit us on the launch day and get your own unique Cyborg!

Upcoming Cyborgs in Motion Collection

We have exciting plans for a future Cyborgs in Motion  animated collection. Cyborg holders will be granted with 1 free NFT and listed for pre-sale and special discounts to be able to purchase more.


The team's favorite autographed Cyborg "Harajuku"  will be auctioned on OpenSea the winning bid to be donated to the Charity of the community members' choice. Follow our social media channels to get notified about this and other exciting events.

Harajuku ID.png


We've got an aggressive roadmap and plan for the following year or two. Unlike most NFT projects, we plan to deliver!


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What is Planet of Cyborgs?

Planet of Cyborgs  is an exclusive NFT project featuring 3,022 unique hyperrealistic Cyborgs that have a combined mixture of rare and authentic art, backed by a special perks for holders. We are creating an unmatched community where holders have the opportunity to not only meet up in person, but also in the Metaverse where they have the potential to earn additional crypto assets!

All Cyborgs are generated ERC-721A Tokens launching on the Ethereum Blockchain.

When is the release date?

The Planet of Cyborgs Collection will officially release to the public will be announced on our social media platforms. For more information join our Discord, Instagram and Tweeter!

Where can I buy a Cyborg?

Minting will be available through our official website and smart contract address only. (Official smart contract will be provided by our team on launch day in our Discord!). Once minting is over, you’ll be able to showcase on your OpenSea account.

What makes us different?

We’ve worked with some of the best artists and developers for over the last 3 months to create unique and authentic pieces of art. What makes this project really unique and special is the utility behind it! Be sure to check out our roadmap.



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At Vyndtsad, we believe in the magnificent driving force behind the digital age of art. 

What began as an attempt toward family bonding grew over time into something infinitely bigger, childhood fantasies to venture into a new, unfamiliar world taking hold over reality. follow us into this uncharted plane and witness the birth of something beautiful.